Having a strong & healthy leadership team is important! Developing your team is something worth investing time into because of what this investment is sure to bring. I’m sure every youth pastor would agree that the more leaders you have the greater the potential is of effectively discipling your teenagers. But if you have a … Read more


Have you ever wondered what your Senior pastor is thinking? Have you ever thought about how you can better serve the vision they have for your church? Sometimes it can be hard to outwork said vision without clear articulation on what they expect in regards to the youth ministry. Even though different churches have different … Read more


One of the best secret weapons you can have during your journey in ministry is ministry mentors. These are the people who have gone before you and can speak directly into the things you are currently doing. The more time you can get with these people the more effective you are equipped to be. Often … Read more


Something that is far too common in Youth Ministry is budget blowouts. As Youth Pastors we need to be financially responsible as we grow our Youth Ministries. There have been times we have heard about when youth ministry outreach events have run thousands of dollars into the red with the result potentially crippling the church. … Read more


It’s important to be able to project your expenses in the short term and long term in order to effectively plan for manageable growth. At the end of this section, we’ve attached a template of a “Year-long Budget” which will help project your income and expenses before the financial year kicks over. It will enable … Read more


This game is great for those warm summer nights at youth. Roll out a length of black builders plastic about 20-50 meters long (depending on the space you have). Build a jump at the end of the plastic run way and then put mattresses or something soft for the landing. Tie ropes onto things like … Read more


Here are 5 keys that can help to increase the income of your youth ministry, which in turn allows you to put more resource into getting more teenagers saved! 1. Charge a door entry A lot of youth ministries with no budget charge a weekly door entry upwards of $2 (there are some that charge … Read more


This game is the perfect time filler game for those moments when you need to entertain the crowed while things are being moved on and off of stage or if you group is too big to get everyone involved in the game but you need something funny for people to watch. It’s a simple concept. … Read more


This is a classic game, which was made famous by Hillsong Youth. The idea is simple. Construct a pyramid style structure and layer with safty padding (Mattresses work great), then put a tarp or black plastic over the top. Suspend a balloon full of Custard on a rope at the top of the pyramid just … Read more


This game has so many variations to it that you could play it 3 times in one term and it would feel different every time. The basic idea is to get your youth into teams and then have them take in turns at linking arms and getting into one tight unit in the middle of … Read more