Ahhhh, The old “Milk Chug” is great for those times when you need some comedy on stage for a few minutes. It’s super hard for anyone to hold down 2 litres of Milk so if you get a bunch of teens on stage racing each other to skull 2 litres of milk you’ll have an … Read more

DIY Confetti Cannon

Check out the below video for instructions on how to make a confetti cannon. before watching a few notes on how to make this easier: 1. No need for a psi gauge to be built into the cannon. All you need is a handheld 4wd tyre psi gauge or just use the psi meter on … Read more

Demolition Auction

Running a Demolition Auction can double up as an epic activity for teens to engage in and an effective fundraiser. The basic idea is this. Find a bunch of old tv’s, radios, CD players, computers, and even an old car, and then auction them off to your teens to be smashed by the highest bidder. … Read more