Check out the below video for instructions on how to make a confetti cannon.

before watching a few notes on how to make this easier:

1. No need for a psi gauge to be built into the cannon. All you need is a handheld 4wd tyre psi gauge or just use the psi meter on the air compressor you use to fill it up.

2. If you don’t have access to an air compressor just use a bike pump & a handheld psi gauge.

3. No need to buy special confetti for the cannon if your budget is limited. Just cut up paper into little squares and shove down the pipe.

4. There are many plans on youtube with different ways to build this but think twice when building a “handheld” confetti cannon because depending on the country you are in if caught by the police you could be charged with a class c firearm offence which similar to having a bazooka in your possession. We suggest only going for the floor mounted version of the confetti cannon for this very reason.