Building a stage sign can be a low cost way of vamping up your churches stage so that it doesnt look the same as it would in your Sunday service.

Below are three examples of stage signs that anyone could build for their youth ministry.

1. Timber Lettering
A timber sign of your youth ministry’s name is easy to do. In the below pictures two sheets of ply were used and simply put them side by side in order to make a bigger sign. Use a data projector to project the logo onto the timber and then draw the outlines of your logo onto the timber.

After you have drawn the outlines on to the sheets of ply use a jigsaw to cut out the shape. Connect the two pieces of ply together by running horizontal lengths of timber on the back of the sign and screwing both pieces to it.


Paint the timber so it looks more professional. Using a roller instead of a paint brush really helps speed this process up.


And lastly attach two anchor points to the top of the sign so that you can hang it from your stage lighting bar. Attach a chain to the sign and put carabiners on the end so it is quick to clip on and unclip each week when you set it up.


2. Outlined timber lettering

This is the same process as sign number 1, but this time after you have finished simply zip tie a party rope light around the edge of your sign. In the sign pictured below, it was necessary to drill lots of little holes around the edge so that it could have rope lights zip tied to the sign. This type of sign looks very effective in the dark.



3. Checker Plate Light box.

This last sign is more expensive then the first two options but it definitely looks cool.

Get in touch with a laser cutting company and see if they have any metal off cuts in their workshop that you could by on the cheap and get cut into a Lightbox youth sign. If they’re nice they might even use their laser cutting machine to cut the letters for you!

Once the box is made, glue a piece of cloudy white perspex to the inside of it and then run a cheap LED RGB strip light on the inside of the box. These strip lights are about $20-$30aud on Ebay and come with a wireless remote so you can change the colour of the light and have it pulse with the music.