Everyone loves food but what’s the point of have amazing food unless its presented in an equally amazing way. So we present the doughnut wall.

A Simple and yet very creative way to present doughnuts or another food of your choice at your next Youth event, leaders gathering or even church event.

How to build

All you will need is peg board and some dowel, oh and of course your doughnuts.

Get some peg board, the size of this is up to you and will depend on the size of the display that you want to create. Once you have your peg board buy dowel that will fit securely inside the holes of the peg board, hole sizes vary so make sure you buy the correct diameter dowel. With the dowel simply cut it into small, equal lengths, enough to insert into the peg board and hold a doughnut/s. Then just lean the board against any wall you have and place your doughnuts on it.

This looks great and will add a great vibe to whatever event you are putting on. Enjoy!