MC Tips

MC’ing is not always that role that is looked upon as the most desirable on a youth night. It is not always the role we think we need to put a lot of effort into, but rather just turn up on the night, wing it, follow the standard flow and hope it’s a great night. … Read more

FREE BEATS: Vee and Josh

  Vee&Josh are a HipHop/R&B duo from Melbourne. The music they write focusses on real subject matter and is created to drive, inspire, uplift and encourage their listeners. They believe the power in music can change the mood, mindset and environment, and the positive message they bring in their songs can inspire people and bring them … Read more

Tribal Wars Scoreboard

  Tribals Wars is a cornerstone of every youth ministry, it builds hype, creates friendship and brings out savage competitiveness in even the shyest young person. But the one great point of contention of every Tribal War is the score. Keeping score in your head, writing it down on a piece of paper, using a … Read more


  Sera is 16 years old. She lives with her mum in a small unit, attends the local school, and every Friday night you can find her at youth group. Sera wants to be a model or, if that fails, an actor. She avoids homework by watching countless makeup tutorials on YouTube. She’s currently complaining … Read more