Longevity in Country Youth Ministry

  Ps Kareena is the Youth Pastor of Next Gen Youth  in Tatura, Victoria. She has been youth pastoring in Tatura for the past 3 years, leading a significant country youth group that reaches far beyond just the town they are in. She has great insight and experience into leading a country youth ministry of … Read more

Rave Cave

  Overview The Rave Cave, Sweat Box, Boiler Room, or whatever other crazy name you come up with, is something you can use in hangtime to get your young people dancing and getting sweaty and pumped before you even begin the night. It’s all about making a room or area that is tight and enclosed … Read more

Candle vs Pistol

  Overview  The aim of this game is to shoot out your opponent candle before they get yours What you need 2x helmets 2x candles 2x water pistols gaffa tape water What to do  Setup – there is very little setup, you just need to affix each helmet with a candle. Securely tape the candle … Read more

Pre-Show Ideas

  Here are some games and ideas to build a great atmosphere in your foyer before your big night or even upfront on stage before the event starts. Pizza Race  This is perfect if you plan to have pizza on the night anyway or to give the winning team pizza as their prize. Choose contestants … Read more

MC’ing Games

  Games, they are a foundational pillar of any Youth Group, but how many times have they fallen short of their potential and just absolutely flopped? We plan what we think to be an amazing game and yet upon execution it just does not live up to the hype. We picture all our young guys … Read more

Establishing Rapport with High Schools

Kathryn D’costa leads the High School ministry at One Youth for Faith Church Dandenong. She has seen One Youth have programs implemented in 9 High schools on a weekly basis currently. She has years of experience in establishing great relationships and seeing High Schools open their doors to local Youth Ministry. Establishing & building connections … Read more

Upfront games

We are always looking for those games that are quick, upfront and require little effort. You need a game that creates impact, whilst not impacting your youth budget or time. We have compiled a short list of games that you can use upfront at your next youth service. Egg Roulette All you need is a … Read more

Foyer Vibes

  Having good foyer vibes pre-youth is a super important element to your youth group program. On average, people decide what they think about a situation within the first five minutes of being there. This means they are deciding what they think about your youth ministry while they are hanging out in the foyer before … Read more

15 Podcasts for Preachers

Here is a compiled list of podcasts that will challenge you, add variety to your listening and allow you to hear different preaching styles that can help you personally in your preaching and teaching. Pastor Sam Grosso Very culturally relevant without sacrificing the word of God Uses current day scenarios to present what God is … Read more

Melon Madness

Overview This game is perfect to do in your Connect Group, it is simply just making a watermelon explode, what could be better? What you need A watermelon safety goggles (recommended) Hundreds of elastic bands (approx. 500-1000) Bin bags and stuff to clean up the carnage! What to do Place the watermelon in the middle … Read more