Tribals Wars is a cornerstone of every youth ministry, it builds hype, creates friendship and brings out savage competitiveness in even the shyest young person. But the one great point of contention of every Tribal War is the score. Keeping score in your head, writing it down on a piece of paper, using a whiteboard or waiting awkwardly for a clunky powerpoint to update just won’t cut it.

This Tribal Wars Scoreboard will settle every debate and it is so simple to setup and use.

How to use it:

  • First simply download it using this link –
  • Just make sure to allow download as it will warn you that the file may harm your computer.
  • Once downloaded you will need to make sure that you have Flash Player downloaded and installed. Without this you will not be able to run it.
  • Once you have downloaded the file right click open with… and select your web browser. If you have a Mac then Safari works best.

This scoreboard is really simple to use and you just need to project it onto the screen and it will take your Tribal Wars to a whole other level! Enjoy!