Bill Hybels is a phenomenal leader in the Kingdom of God.  He is the founder and Senior Pastor of the American Megachurch, Willow Creek.  In the Introduction of this book, he writes that he waited thirty years to write this book and felt so strongly about writing about the spiritual gift of Leadership.

So profound is the need for Leadership, that the future of the church will not exist without it.  As Youth Pastors and Leaders, we need to be investing in the next generation of leaders by ‘giving them kingdom responsibilities, and coach them into effectiveness.’  

Bill echoes the truth of Romans 12:8 when he places emphasis on the need to ‘lead with diligence’.  He reveals that a Leader’s Most Potent Weapon is a vision and defines vision as ‘a picture of the future that produces passion’.  He gives wisdom into how to turn vision into action, how to build a ‘Kingdom Dream Team’ and how to overcome resource challenges.

There are definitions of different Leadership Styles to help you discover and develop your own Leadership Style.  Hybels has a way of constantly bringing it back to Jesus and keeping it simple when he drops the major truth bomb:  ‘A Leader’s greatest gift is a fully yielded heart’. This book is full of practical wisdom that you will be able to outwork straight away and see your leadership gift grow into all that God has for you.

Review by: Emily Higgins