This is a classic game, which was made famous by Hillsong Youth. The idea is simple. Construct a pyramid style structure and layer with safty padding (Mattresses work great), then put a tarp or black plastic over the top. Suspend a balloon full of Custard on a rope at the top of the pyramid just out of reach from where the contestants can stand up – The rope height should be able to be adjusted from off on the side. The aim of the game is for one of the contestants to pop the balloon.

Tips & Tricks:
1. To get custard into a balloon simply fill an empty 2L coke bottle with custard. Stretch the opening of a ballon over the mouth of the coke bottle and squeze the custard into the ballon. when the balloon is fairly full take it off of the bottle and tie the ballon shut.

2. In order to easily connect the balloon from a rope above the pyramid, tie a metal ring which is normally used on a set of car keys into the balloon knot when you are tying it up. Attached a cheap carabiner to the end of the rope so you can quickly connect the key ring on the balloon to the end of the rope.

Video Examples: