Nerf Wars will be enjoyed by all ages but will be especially popular with your younger boys. Something triggers in their heart and soul when you tell them that you’ll have 200 nerf guns at youth next week, and then they bring all of their friends from school. This really can be a great outreach event.

The basic concept is to turn your church into a battlefield for a giant game of nerf wars. The rules are simple, If you get hit you’re out. Spend 30 minutes playing different rounds of Nerf wars then throw back into praise, worship, & preaching. Then do an altar call so all your new kids can get saved.

Some youth ministries have been buying up bulk amounts of the cheap “maverick” nerf guns and then using them in their own program and hiring them out to other youth ministries for a few hundred dollars for the weekend. This can be a great way to bring in a passive income for your youth ministry.

If you decide to give this event idea a go here are a few things that work.

1. Invite teens to bring their own Nerf guns if they have some.

2. If you do buy nerf guns, get the same type for all of them so that the bullets are all the same.

3. Stack your churches chairs & turn them into bases. Once you have the shape you want to cover them with black plastic.

4. Go to your local hardware store and purchase a bunch of 1m lengths of orange PVC pipe. If you get the right size it makes for a perfect blow dart which will shoot the nerf bullets even stronger than a nerf gun. We normally make a bunch of these for our leaders to use, and we set them up at different points around the arena as snipers. The blow darts are extremely accurate and strong. Take a nerf bullet with you to the hardware store when picking the pipe. That way you know you’ll get the perfect fit.