Carpet Skiing is a simple game but works great in large crowds for the entertainment factor as long as you have a carpeted auditorium. Here’s how it’s done.

Grab some of the un-needed glossy A4 or DL flyers from your churches information desk (we all have plenty of unused flyers let’s be honest) and get a contestant to stand on two of the flyers, one flyer for each foot. The first contestant in the group will be called the skier.

Get two more teens to stand in front of the person “skiing”. They will act like the Boat. Put a pool noodle or something similar around the front of the two teens acting as a boat with a rope going backwards from the pool noodle that the “skier can hold onto as a ski rope.

The two teens at the front (the boat) will now run forward while the teen at the back (the skier) holds on to the ski rope whilst standing on glossy paper. Because the paper is glossy the skier will slide / ski across the carpet with minimal control.

Set up a course in your churches auditorium and have a few teams race each other around it.