• As the name suggests it is of course all about… ice cream! (sometimes affectionately know as “Cone Head” but use that name at your own discretion). This is a messy game but what good game isn’t? Students will love it because they get to eat ice cream and witness the most awful looking ice cream cones ever constructed. It is quite a spectacle to behold.

What you need

  • Tarps (enough for minimum 2 pairs to lay on head to head)
  • Ice cream – min 1 litre split between 2
  • Any topping you desire – sauce, sprinkles, flakes, etc.
  • Containers for the topping and ice cream
  • Spoon or ice cream scoops
  • Baby wipes for participant clean up (just always handy)

What to do

  • Aim of the game – Two options 1. First pair to construct the ice cream including all toppings 2. Best looking ice cream cone constructed with in 1-2 minutes (timeframe up to your discretion)
  • Great upfront or tribal wars game – select 2 pairs or more if you are prepared and have a larger space and group.
  • Prep the partner who will be putting the ice cream cone in their mouth with a bin bag and shower cap to protect them.
  • Have them lay on their backs on the tarp head to head. Their heads need to remain firmly touching the floor at all times.
  • One person will have a cone held in their mouth and the other person will have the ingredients to go in the cone (ice cream, sauce, etc.). Place the ingredients next to the person in bowls and hand them their ice cream scoop/spoon.
  • Once prepped count down and start the times. The person with the ingredients will have to scoop them over their own head and into the cone without being able to see where they are going and having to twist their hand at a very awkward angle to try and not spill the ingredients (this won’t happen, it will go everywhere).
  • Make sure to stipulate that the cone cannot be touched at any time and the person scooping the ingredients can only use one hand (scooping hand) at a time.

MC Tips

  • Always encourage crowd participation, small prizes for best supporter is never a bad tactic.
  • Make sure to highlight and emphasise the gross parts as this is the key to the game and what will make it a success.
  • Set a time that doesn’t allow them to go slowly, the more mess the better. It can be done in a minute but it does depend on the number of ingredients you give them.


  • The game can have 2 stages 1. First to construct the cone 2. First person to eat the cone – you will need to allow them to sit up for this and allow to use their hands.