This game is an adaptation from a Japanese gameshow called “Human Tetris”(which then became famous in some countries under the name “Hole in the Wall”). Watch the below video to get an idea of how the game works.

This game is super funny to watch and is great for those nights when you want loads of laughs!
The basic idea is you set up a makeshift runway and build your own hole in the wall shapes using sheets of cardboard. You can buy large sheets of cardboard fairly cheap from cardboard factories. When picking the size of cardboard sheets we recomend 2mx2m or bigger (The size of the cardboard below is 2.2m x 2.2m) Don’t worry about thickness too much, buy what ever is cheapest (the cardboard pictured below was 6mm thick).

Here is some hacks on how to achieve this game (ythmin style)

1. Build a frame out of timber with which you can clamp giant cardboard panels to using quick grip clamps from a hardware store. Using clamps means you can quickly change the cardboard panels over in between each round with new panels and new shapes.

2. Affix wheels to the bottom of the frame in each four corners. Turning it into a rolling frame will give you the ability to push the frame down a runway before the teens have to jump through the cardboard shapes.

3. Have a sectioned off area where you can hide the frame in-between each round as you change over the cardboard panels. This creates extra excitement for the contestants as they don’t know what shape they’ll be jumping through. Use black plastic or black material to create a divider which can be removed for each round revealing the next shape that will be coming down the runway towards the contestants.

On the public side of this sectioned off area build a padded platform for the contestants to stand on. This could be built using a high-jump mattress or anything padded.
The key tip in building your padded platform is to make sure that it is narrower and lower than your rolling frame so that it can roll straight over your padded platform.

4. Lastly spend time on the finesse! Don’t just use blank cardboard, paint it. Make it look cool. Spend time making the lighting epic for this game. Download some fun gameshow music off of youtube. Go the extra mile to make this game everything it could be. If you really want to step it up a notch, have a pool of slime behind the teens that they can fall into if they don’t make it through the hole in the wall.

This Game could go down in history in your youth ministry if done well!