This is an original game that Dave Edgar ( creator) thought of as a 14-year-old while serving in a country youth ministry with minimal budget for games. It was submitted to our friends at ‘thesource4ym’ all those years ago and still to this day is one of the best games done in many youth ministries.

This game is great because it has the ability to engage all of the teens in your ministry even if you have hundreds.

1. Collect lots of cardboard during the week in preparation for the game. You can get cardboard for free from a furniture store recycling dumpster. During the game, you will split your teens into teams. You will need around a 1mSq pile of cardboard boxes per team.

2. 4 rolls of cheap packing tape per warrior.

1. Break your group into even teams. The more teenagers present, the more teams you make. We suggest that if you have 20-50 teens in your ministry do 2-4 teams.
If you have 100 increase the amount of teams.

2. Have each team stand in different corners of your room leaving a large space in the middle which will be used later on as the “battle zone”

3. Within each team, they need to select a “warrior”. It’s the warrior’s job to fight on behalf of the team.

4. Everyone else on the team is responsible for preparing the warrior for battle. This is done by making armour for the warrior. The team needs to fully cover the warrior in armour. This includes – Legs, torso, arms, helmet, shield, sword etc..

5. Each team needs to make the armour using the cardboard and tape.

6. The Warrior preparation stage should go for around 5-10mins. Be intentional in not letting this drag out too long.

7. Once warriors are prepared its time to fight! This part is simple but fun. All the warrior has to do is fight the other warriors. the aim is to rip the armour off the other warriors while keeping your armour intact.

8. The battle stage should go for 5mins max.

9. Once the battle is over the mc’s should choose a victorious team based on which warriors armour is the most intact.

10. An interesting twist you can add to this game is to have a secret warrior. This would be a pre-prepared leader or student who has really well-made armour and painted black. this helps add to the theatrics of the game and makes it that little bit more epic. Make sure you keep this warrior hidden in another room until after the preparation stage and only reveal that he exists right before the battle begins.

This game is great, but don’t forget to think about how you’re going to get rid of the cardboard after you use it. Did someone say bonfire…