We are always looking for those games that are quick, upfront and require little effort. You need a game that creates impact, whilst not impacting your youth budget or time. We have compiled a short list of games that you can use upfront at your next youth service.

Egg Roulette

  • All you need is a dozen eggs in a carton. With your dozen eggs you will need to hard boil 8 eggs and keep 2 raw.
  • Invite 2 contestants up on stage and dress them with a bin bag to protect their clothing
  • The aim of the game is to be the person without 2 raw eggs cracked on your head
  • Get them to choose one egg at a time and crack it on their own head, if it is raw thats a point against them and if it is hard they are safe.
  • Once a contestant cracks a raw egg on their head if they get one more then they lose.
  • You can play it so that each contestant chooses an eggs for the other person.


  • All you need is 2 giant foam hands and a deck of cards.
  • It is a basic game of blackjack or 21, except the loser of the round gets slapped in the face by their opponent.
  • deal each person 2 cards, get them to hit or stick and the winner of the round gets to slap the other person.
  • Play 5 rounds, add sound effects for the slaps and give the winner 1 extra slap and a prize


  • All you need is 2 decks of cards and 12 cups of water, plus a tarp to keep your stage dry.
  • Sit both contestants down across from one another and place a table in the middle each with 6 cups of water in front of them.
  • Give each contestant a deck of cards and have them together flip over one card and reveal it. The player with the highest value card wins.
  • They then get to chuck a cup of water in their opponents face (consider bin bags to keep them dry)
  • The first person to empty their cups wins.

Face-stuffing Contest 

  • This game requires a few more resources but it is worth it. All you need is 3 foods and some utensils.
  • Lay out the three meals in front of each contestant along with a utensil that they must use to consume the food with.
  • For each food give them 20 seconds to consume as much as they can.
  • Example. – SpagBol with whisks.
  • At the end of the time they must immediately move onto the next dish. The person who has consumed the most food across all three dishes wins.
  • You can play so they have to finish each dish until they can move on and first to finish wins.