This game is the perfect time filler game for those moments when you need to entertain the crowed while things are being moved on and off of stage or if you group is too big to get everyone involved in the game but you need something funny for people to watch.

It’s a simple concept. Buy a happy meal from McDonalds (or any type of food that would be gross when blended) and then blend it! Get a bunch of teens on stage and give them all a cup of this blended goodness to drink. Countdown to start and then the first teen who skulls the beverage the quickest wins.

Things you could blend:
– McDonalds Happy Meal
– Fish Sauce
– Coke
– Cold Chips from a fish and chip shop
– Milk
– Anchovies
– Garlic
– Raw Onions
– Spinach
– Red Soda
– Rollmops (available at most supermarkets if you know where to look on the shelves)
– Cold Pizza
– Cold Pasta Bake
…..You get the idea, anything gross.