This game is perfect to do in your Connect Group, it is simply just making a watermelon explode, what could be better?

What you need

  • A watermelon
  • safety goggles (recommended)
  • Hundreds of elastic bands (approx. 500-1000)
  • Bin bags and stuff to clean up the carnage!

What to do

  • Place the watermelon in the middle of your group and start placing rubber bands one at a time around the centre of the watermelon.
  • Keep doing this until the rubber bands place enough pressure on the watermelon that they cause it to explode.
  • You may need to either prep the water melon with a couple hundred rubber bands first or allow people to place on a few rubber bands at a time if you don’t want this game to drag out to long.
  • This game can take upwards of 10 minutes just placing bands on. However this is why it is perfect in a connect group as you can all do it as you talk.
  • When the watermelon explodes, put it on a plate and serve it.

Check out this video of the game in action