This is a simple spin on the classic doughnut dangle or doughnut on a string game. This version involves the hottest sauce you can get your hands on, or the hottest that you dare go and doughnuts filled with it. The other twist, only put the hot sauce in one of the doughnuts.

What you need

  • String
  • Doughnuts (jam filled or solid as it will need to hold the sauce)
  • Hot sauce
  • Syringe

What to do 

  • Aim of the game – first person to eat the whole doughnut wins. Secondary aim, to get a great laugh from watching someone unknowingly consume great amounts of seriously hot sauce.
  • You will need to prep this game; get some jam filled doughnuts and find the opening where the jam went in. You can opt to suck the jam out with a syringe or just to blend the jam with the hot sauce. Use your syringe or whatever you have handy to insert the hot sauce into the doughnut, make sure its plenty and spreads through the entire doughnut. The doughnut will mask and absorb some of the kick of the hot sauce so my recommendation is be liberal. Do this to only one doughnut. Once done make a whole in both doughnuts and tie a piece of string to each (1m long). Make sure you have a way to know which one the hot one is.
  • Select 2 volunteers, you will need to be strategic as someone is going to consume some seriously hot stuff and people will have a laugh at their expense. I recommend choosing someone who is very confident, can take a laugh well and isn’t new (a leader may be a good idea). The other volunteer can be anyone who wants to play.
  • Get 2 helpers to dangle the doughnuts on the string, holding them up high so that the doughnut will swing a lot whilst the contestants try to eat them .
  • Have the two contestants get on their knees to eat the doughnut and instruct them that they can’t use their hands, only their mouth.
  • First person to eat the doughnut wins.
  • You may want ice cream on hand for the person eating the hot sauce. It will be a massive shock to them and is very fun to capture their expression as their mouth starts to burn.

MC Tips

  • You can give subtle hints to something firey being in their future but don’t do this before the game has started.
  • Make sure to highlight the moment the contestant discovers that it isn’t jam it’s hot sauce. A quick interview with them at this point stating that they seem to be a bit of a “hot head” and should probably calm down a bit always rubs it in.
  • Try to motivate the person who got the hot sauce to keep going, to fight through the suffering and press on towards the end.