We’re bringing the classic game to life! Everyone has always wished that Mario Kart was real and that they could put their skills to the test in real life…well now they can! This is Mario Kart at full scale! Get your teenagers smashing it round a track and see who truly is the best Mario Kart contestant of all time.

What you need 

  • 2 x Huffy Sliders or something similar (Crazy Carts if your Youth Group is ballin’)
  • Milk Crates/Traffic cone/caution tape – anything to mark out your course
  • Masking Tape

What to do 

Aim of the Game: To get around the course and beat your opponent.


  • Plot out your course – you will need flat smooth ground for this game to work best
  • Mark the course with milk crates/cones and tape – if you have lights then place them around the course as this will add to the atmosphere.
  • Make sure to have corners that are ideal for drifting round so the race isn’t standard and boring.
  • Use Masking tape (fluro is best) to mark the direction of traffic (also makes it look more like a racecourse) .
  • Create sections around the course where crowds of people can stand so as to maximise crowd engagement.

The Race

  • Simply set a number of laps and start the racers together and off they go.
  • Make sure to have 2 MCs that can commentate the race well and create hype.
  • Get music pumping as well (Mario theme song remixed is a decent suggestion)


  • If you have a space you don’t mind getting messy then you can add in power ups like bananas, balls, interventions/obstacles etc.
  • If you can make a circuit wide enough then you can add more racers in
  • Can make it a Le Mans style race, by switching out racers and making it a tag team style game that works well for tribal wars