Running a Demolition Auction can double up as an epic activity for teens to engage in and an effective fundraiser.

The basic idea is this. Find a bunch of old tv’s, radios, CD players, computers, and even an old car, and then auction them off to your teens to be smashed by the highest bidder. Have one of your leaders dress up in a suit and run a full legit auction for each item and once all the items have been sold the smashing stage begins.

Have an arsenal of weapons teens can pick from to smash their items. This will help with the theatrics / cool factor of the event
Items to pick from:
1. Sledge Hammer
2. Crowbar
3. Jimmy Bar
4. Hammer
5. Golf Club
6. Baseball Bat
7. Shovel

Auctioned the car off last and it will probably end up being a group of teens who pool their money together to bid big.

Tips & Tricks: One of the hardest things that surround this event is disposing of the smashed items after the auction. Here’s what to do.

1. Before you set up your items to be smashed lay down a large piece of black builders plastic so that when the items have been smashed the glass falls onto the plastic. Then you don’t need to spend a lot of time sweeping up afterwards.

2. Once you’ve smashed all the tv’s and computers etc take them and put them inside of the car. If you offer the car to a wrecker for free they will probably pick it up and take all of the rubbish inside of it with them. Most wreckers would do this if you are met with resistance by one of them just try another wrecker.

3. Make sure you put measures in place to ensure the safety of your teens. Things like Goggles, gloves, & closed toe shoes are a necessity for this event.