The classic piñata, a great hit at children’s birthday parties because of the destruction and huge supply of lollies. However it can be a bit lame for our teenagers at Youth. Will it piñata? is an awesome twist on the classic Mexican game that encourages even more destruction and some creativity.

What you need?

  • A baseball bat
  • A long amount of rope to suspend the Piñatas
  • A pulley system so as to hang, reset and adjust the height of the piñata
  • Lollies
  • Tarp/ black plastic
  • A blindfold
  • Piñatas – Get creative here. We aren’t using a normal Piñata  but rather trying other everyday objects and seeing if they can replace a Piñata. Examples are – A watermelon, A cake, A fax machine/ printer, a fish, a guitar, etc.
  • Clean up crew

What to do 

Aim of the game – to smash up Piñatas and let teenagers go crazy for free lollies.


  • You will need to figure out your pulley system first. You may simply have a beam that you can run a rope over. If you don’t have a beam you will need to buy a fixed pulley system and fix that to your ceiling or anything else that is above head height.
  • Once the pulley is setup you need to make sure you have figured out a way to hang each of your Piñatas.
  • Lay down black plastic so that it will catch the mess.

The game:

  • Hang your first piñata and get a volunteer up.
  • Blindfold them and hand them a baseball bat.
  • Spin them around a few times to add a slight challenge to the game.
  • Make sure the Piñata is at the right height for the contestant and let them swing.
  • You can change contestants every time they miss, however this can lead to a slow game if you are not prepared.
  • When the lollies fly out just let your group swarm on them.
  • Setup the next piñata and repeat.
  • Make sure you MCs are switched on to hype the crowd up and create anticipation as to what Piñata may be next and the destruction the will ensue.