Want to take your tribal wars to the next level on a camp or youth night? This game idea could be adapted in many ways! Check out the video below and get inspired. Feel free to download the explanation clip and use in your own program.


Right Click to Download Pit Wars Clip Here








Make two arches on the ground then attach the cross brace truss on one of the arches. When you stand it up it will make it easier & safer to connect together.


Dig the hole for the mattress pit after the structure is up. It’s safer and easier.

Also take note in the above pic of the black poles hanging across the top in the middle. These are simply made with the piping from a trampoline and then taped together. Then chain is bolted to the ends and a caribina is put on the chain to attached it to the truss.

This is the type of bolts used to bolt the chain to the ends of the black poles for the “off the rails” game.

This is the type of chain we used. we bought 4x 1 meter lengths from a hardware store for this.

You will also need 4 of these caribina’s to attached the chain to the truss safely.

Next is the bucking bull. These can be made out of a 44gallon oil drum. Open one end out of it so you have access to the inside of the barrel for bolting things to it and then tape the end back up when you’ve finished building (If you’re lucky you might be able to find a barrel with a lid, that makes this process a lot easier). Grab some spray paint and paint it like a bull and your on your way!


Bolt 4 of these types of bolts to the drum in each corner of the top side of the bull for the rope to connect to.


This piece of small chain and bolts is to make a handle for the bull. Put a piece of clear rubber hosing over the chain to help make the handle easier to hold. This should bolt on near the front of the barrel but still on the top side so the contestant can hold on to it in-between their knees / legs. Chop off the excess chain once you are happy with the size of the handle.

You will need another 4 caribina’s for the bull so you can attached the rope to the bull’s eye bolts on each corner. The reason you should use caribina’s instead of just tying the rope onto the eye bolts is for speed of change over in-between each pit war game. The bull will need to come off quickly before you move onto “Off the Rails” or “Pole of Punishment”.

Use this rope with the above caribina’s and you have your finished bull.

the last game “pole of punishment” Is super easy to do. Just find a long wooden pole that can take the weight of two people and rap camping matts around it. Tape it up. Prop it up. Check it’s secure and you’re done! A 100mm x 100mm x 3.6m wooden pole works ok but if you can find something a little longer you’ll be set up for a great game!

Lastly, make sure you have mattresses or some kind of padding at the bottom of the pit and helmets for the teens to wear. Safety is important! Have fun.