This game will make those that talk big finally have to put those words to the test and eat big. We all have those young people who think they could smash down 10 cheese burgers 10 medium fries and 1o medium cokes in under 3 minutes. Yet you’ve never seen them eat more than a 6 McNugget meal. So it’s time to challenge them to smash down a lot of food in very little time.

What you need

  • 2 huge burgers (a single pounder from Maccas will suffice, a double pounder will probably take 7mins to eat so will need great MCing if you are to attempt and keep the crowd engaged but its look EPIC!)

What to do 

Aim of the game – To see who can consume the burger the fastest/at all.


This game is super simple and needs nothing more to it. You can however add fries and a drink into the challenge, however consider the time that this challenge will take because the more food the greater challenge there is to keep the crowd engaged.