Paul speaks about being all things to all men so that some might get saved. This event really does capture the heart of that scripture as there is a large demographic of gamers who are waiting to hear about God. We just need to get them in the doors of our Youth Ministries. Running a LAN night can do exactly that.
A LAN (Local Area Network) in short is when you link up multiple gaming consoles to each other with ethernet cables to play one massive game with 16 players all at once. You could run multiple lans to cater for even more players too. In order to do this well get your gaming nerds involved. They know which ways is up when it comes to this kind of stuff and if they are on board they will bring their friends. They might need some guidelines on what games are appropriate for a youth night however so ask them to give you a list that you can check out. When you get the list check the ratings & content out and only approve what you are comfortable approving. A game of 16 Player Halo will never let you down.