Written by Danielle Kruithoff from One Youth Victoria & Faith Batistella from Wallan Gateway

Here’s part 2 of our Zoom Games for online youth that you can use this Friday Night!


AIM: quickly answer the most amount of questions correctly


1. Before the zoom, create a Kahoot by going to https://create.kahoot.it/ (you will need to create an account)

2. On the zoom, have one person share their screen with the kahoot running on it

3. Play as normal

* TIP: If anyone in your group doesn’t have a phone and laptop, they can open two separate web browsers and have them open simultaneously, OR if they only have a phone/ipad, get them to follow along in the game by writing the answer in the chat 


AIM: have one person teach everyone a certain skill


1. If you have a person in your group who has a particular skill get them to run a masterclass on it

2. This could be how to bake something, how to draw, how to do calligraphy, etc.

3. This is a great one to get your youth kids running if they have a particularly cool skill 


AIM: to quickly fill out a category list with answers that begin with the same letter


1. Before the zoom have one person come up with a list of 11 things. Here’s some examples: https://hobbylark.com/party-games/scattergories-lists

2. If one of the leaders owns the scattergories game, ask them to use those lists, the timer and the dice (not necessary though)

3. On the zoom ask everyone to get a piece of paper, pull up notes on their phones,word on their laptops, or anything they can write a list on

4. Get them to write 1-11 in a vertical line down the side

5. Explain the rules of scattergories (see here for instructions: https://www.ultraboardgames.com/scattergories/game-rules.php)

6. Screenshare a word document with the current list on it or write the list int the zoom group message for everyone to see

7. Roll the dice to pick a letter (or whoever is running the game just randomly pick a letter)

8. Set the timer (if you don’t have the scattegories one, set a different 3minute timer)

9. At the end of the timer, go through the list

10. You get a point every time you have an answer no one else has

11. Whoever has the most points at the end wins

* TIP: if there is time you can play multiple rounds of this game 


AIM: be the first person to guess the drawing

INSTRUCTIONS: there are two ways you could play this 

1. Before the zoom, have one person come up with a few prompts

2. On the zoom, pick one person to draw

3. Have them face their camera towards their drawing

4. Privately message them the prompt

5. As they draw have everyone guess what the drawing is

6. Whoever guesses first wins

* TIP: split into two teams and have two people drawing at the same time for more 

competition OR 

1. Before the zoom have people draw out certain prompts and send them to one 


2. On the zoom, screenshare and play the videos one at a time

3. The first person who guesses the drawing wins 


AIM: be the first person to guess the drawing

INSTRUCTIONS: a very similar game to Pictionary however this is using the web browser: https://skribbl.io/ 

1. Before the zoom have one person set up a private room on skribbl.io by clicking on create private room

2. Have them create the game (choose the number of rounds, draw time, and write a custom list of prompts)

3. Make sure you click on “use custom words exclusively”

4. Once on the zoom, send everyone the link to the party (down the bottom)

5. Get everyone to open the link, either on a second web browser or by using a difference device

6. Once everyone is in, start the game 


AIM: figure who the werewolves are and vote them out of the game

INSTRUCTIONS: This game would probably work better with an older group 

1. On the zoom explain the rules of the game

2. Whoever is the narrator gets to choose the werewolves, doctor and spy

3. Send private messages to everyone saying what they are

4. Get everyone to close their eyes and start playing the game

5. Once the werewolves have chosen who they are going to kill, get them to privately message the narrator

6. This is the same for the doctor and spy

7. Everyone wakes up and the game plays as normal

* TIP: it might be best to only have two werewolves then they can privately message each other on zoom to discuss who they want to kill 


AIM: figure who the spy is

INSTRUCTIONS: This game would probably work better with an older group 

1. Get everyone to go to this website: https://spyfall.adrianocola.com/ either on a separate browser or on a different device

2. Have one person create a room and share the room code (also have them set a time limit; 8 minutes is good)

3. Everyone else join that room

4. Press play game

5. Once playing the game everyone will be given the same location and a different role EXCEPT for the spy who will know nothing

6. The spy is trying to figure out what the location is before everyone figures out who the spy is

7. To do this, one person asks another person a yes or no questions e.g. Timmy asks Johnny “is it night-time where you are?”

8. Whoever answered the previous question, asks the next one e.g. Johnny would ask the next question 

9. As everyone has the same location, you should know if the spy answers incorrectly (as they don’t know the location), unless they are clever and can trick you

10. If you think you know who the spy is, there has to be a majority vote before you can try and expose them

11. If you are wrong, you can keep playing

12. At any point the spy can announce that they are the spy and say what the location is, however if they are wrong, they lose

* TIP: you can play this with the roles, or you can disregard the roles and play as yourself (this tends to be easier)

* TIP: All the locations are down the bottom of the screen; the spy can cross of the locations they know it is not (no one else will be able to see this) to help them remember what’s been asked and answered 


AIM: create funny answers to prompts

INSTRUCTIONS: To do this game everyone must have access to psych app on a separate device (phone or iPad) 

1. Get everyone to go onto psych

2. Have one person start the game

3. There are many to choose from, some are free, and some are paid; word up & movie bluff are good ones to start with

4. Choose the number of rounds you want to play

5. Once you start the game, share the code with everyone on zoom

6. Once everyone is in start the game

7. The instructions for the game will come up on everyone’s screens 



1.Send out a list of ingredients to participants earlier in the week so that they have enough
time to grab the required ingredients before meeting.

2.Make sure it is a simple recipe and no more than 5-6 ingredients

3.Get all participants in the kitchen and get them to do as the ‘Cooking Host’ does

4.Host to provide assistance as well as giving the participants a good laugh whilst cooking


(set up: Drop off a box of consequences. Eg: Gross & spicy food – chillies, fish, blue cheese, etc)

1. Split Participants in teams and have one leader in each team.

2.Have a bunch of team games planned: i.e: kahoot, charades, Pictionary, etc:

3.The team that loses, the leader then cops the consequence.