This game will get everyone in your Youth Group involved and create real excitement amongst your young guys and girls. This game is a challenge that will get them thinking and bring out the competitive side fo everyone playing.

What you need

  • 2 Milk crates
  • Rope (enough to suspend crates from the ceiling)
  • Cardboard boxes (the size will dictate length of the game, need enough to reach the suspended crates)
  • 2 soft spiky balls
  • 2 baskets/buckets
  • Lots of small balls

What to do 

Aim of the game – to build a tower with the spiky ball balanced on top and get that spiky ball into the suspended milk crate.

Setup – there is a bit of setup for this game,

  • You need to suspend the milk crate from the roof – make sure that they hang at a slight angle so as to make it easier/possible to get the ball in.
  • Make sure to have each teams tower materials set apart and by where they will completing the challenge to receive the materials.
  • Set up your challenge before hand, make sure to have a line on the ground to stand behind and throw.

This game has 2 stages to it;

  1. Complete challenges to gather supplies for the tower
  2. Construct the tower and get the ball into the hanging milk crate
  • Split your young people up into 2 teams
  • Each team must complete a challenge multiple times to gather the supplies to build the tower – a simple challenge is for team members to throw one of the small balls into a bucket positioned a few metres away.
  • For every ball that they get in the bucket they get one building material for their tower – 1 box or 1 roll of tape.
  • A team cannot start construction on their tower until they have collected every building supply that they need for their tower (have the exact number of boxes and rolls of tape in a pile behind the bucket for each team)
  • Once they have collected the supplies they may start building their tower, teams here can get creative.
  • They must build a tower tall enough to reach their milk crate, this tower must all be stable enough for them to balance their spiky ball on. They need to manoeuvre the tower with the ball on top so that they can get the ball in the crate.
  • First team to complete it wins.

MC Tips 

  • Encourage team to have team names and even team chants.
  • Don’t allow the game to drag, if you notice that the challenge is taking to long, make it easier (e.g decrease the distance to throw the ball into the bucket), always keep it moving.


  • Change the challenge – could be as simple as rolling a 6 on a die
  • Get rid of the challenge and just get the teams to build a tower and get the ball in as quick as possible