Skittles Pox is just a ridiculous game that uses everyone’s favourite small, chewable,  colourful, pure sugar lollie, Skittles! What could be better. You just collect all the skittles and that’s all there is to it!

What you need

  • Skittles (ideally a lot of them, you can buy 1kg online for between $11-$15)
  • A tarp (Skittles colouring could get into your carpet)
  • Duct or Gaffa tape (both work, you will need multiple rolls)

What to do 

Aim of the game – for the contestants to roll around on the ground covered in reversed tape and collect as many skittles as possible within 1 minute.


  • Lay out the tarp/s where you intend to play the game, assure its a level surface.
  • Scatter the Skittles out across the area (make sure it is large enough for more than one person to roll and for it to be challenging).
  • Assure that you have leaders worded up and prepared to help wrap the contestants up in tape as this can take a while if you only have one roll each or the groups aren’t good at it.

The Game!

  • This can be a group game or just an upfront game, depends what you are going for on the night.
  • If you choose teams then from your teams you will need a volunteer from each, this person will get completely wrapped from neck to toes in tape with the sticky side on the outside and the arms taped to their body as well.
  • If you are using teams then make it a timed challenge to wrap the contestant in tape, give a time limit of about 2mins and make sure to supply each team with multiple rolls of tape to make it quick. if the team doesn’t complete the wrapping that is simply their disadvantage going into the main stage of the game.
  • Once all contestants are wrapped and ready simple tell them to roll on the ground and collect as many skittles as possible by getting the skittles to stick to them.
  • Give them a 1 minute time limit to do this.
  • At the end “count up” all the skittles and declare a winner.


  • If you use it for a Tribal Wars game then you can say that only skittles from the colour of your tribe count, this makes the result much more of a mystery and can create more suspense.

Here is a short version of the Skittles ad that is a perfect video for an intro to the game. {link below}

Skittles Pox Intro Video