Speed Pop is a simple and cheap game that can be organised within no time at all. Whether from stage or in the middle of tribes/teams it is easy to get the crowd behind this one. The basic setup is to attach a number of balloons to a string and attach pins to the top of a couple hats. Get two leaders to hold up the string causing the balloons to be a good distance from the contestants heads.

The goal of the two contestants is to jump up in the air and pop the balloons by hitting them with the pin on the top of their hats. Slowly working on one balloon at a time they go from the balloons on the outside of the string in a race to the middle balloon, which is a different colour to the others. The first person to pop all the balloons on their side can move to the middle balloon, the person to pop the middle balloon wins.

There are so many variations you could make to this base concept! Load the balloons with shaving cream, custard or water; add more arms in an ‘X’ shape if you have more than 2 teams; even turn it into a relay to get more people involved. Check out how Highway Youth, QLD, rocked it!