This game is all about the upfront hype. It’ll get your young guys laughing and plotting who they want to verse in the next round. There is only a small amount of setup and small amount of mess for a game that’ll have your young guys talking about it all night.

What you need

  • Two 1.5-2.5m lengths of clear flexible vinyl tubing (10mm is fine just need to be able to put the balloon on the end)
  • 2 balloons
  • A small amount of flour
  • Duct tape/zip ties
  • A Tarp

What to do

  • This game is super easy to do. To set up you will need to fill each balloon with 3-4, or more if it’ll fit, tsps of flour. Once you have completed that you want to attach one balloon to the end of each length of vinyl tubing. To do so, once the balloon is on use a zip tie or duct to firmly secure the balloon to the pipe, this needs to be air tight and not able to come off. Setup complete.
  • Now you will need two leaders to hold the tube and balloon and 2 volunteers. Lay a tarp down to catch the mess. The two volunteers will stand opposite each other with tube in hand and their balloon being held by the leader dangling over the head of their opponent. The aim of the game is simple, first person to blow up their balloon and pop it wins, with their opponent getting covered in flour. It’s a fast game with hilarious results, just make sure the leader always keeps the balloon above the young person’s head, no letting them escape their fate.
  • If you are worried about the young people getting messy use shower caps and the classic bin bag overalls.

MC Tips

  • Choose 2 volunteers that you know are great friends or 2 people who are very competitive or even people who love to dress well for youth as the resulting mess will be even funnier. (make sure it is always a person who can handle it though).
  • Hype it up, if the contestants are slow at blowing the balloon up make sure not to allow the room to go silent. Get chants going for each person and make sure there is great anticipation of the impending flour explosion.
  • Make sure this game is fully setup before hand, if playing multiple rounds have the other balloons pre-filled and attached so it is a quick turn around.
  • Always have volunteers worded up to put the tarp down and take it away so there is no break in your MC flow.


  • To keep it interesting you can fill the balloons with different things, egg, sauce, water, etc.
  • Instead of plain flour you can use coloured holi powder, particularly useful if you are doing Tribal Wars or something team based.