“Human Bowling” works great in a church building that has a large staircase in its auditorium. Lay a few sheets of long floor sheeting on top of the stairs and use this as the “bowling lane” Get a longboard or skateboard, slap a helmet on a teenagers head and get them to lay down on the skateboard (or sit down) and send them down the lane towards the pins.

To make the pins, go out and buy 10 no-name brand bottles of mineral water or soda water. Tape them up with grey electrical tape or gaffa tape. Your pins are now ready! The reason it’s important to use mineral or soda water is so if somehow they explode when a teenager hits them you won’t have a stain in your churches carpet.

If you don’t have stairs, you can either build a ramp off of your stage or build a flat bowling lane. Just make it longer and get 4 teens to push their friend for the first few meters to get some speed.