A group game that is absolute mayhem involving thongs, eggs and glad wrap and will set your whole night up with a group of young guys just excited for what’s ahead. Perfect lead into praise cause they will be pumped.

What you need

  • Eggs(raw) – enough for 1 egg for 2 people
  • Glad wrap – have multiple rolls as this will make setup faster
  • Thongs – get leaders to bring old pairs of thongs or pick them up for a couple dollars at a local cheap shop. Just need 1 thong per pair
  • Traffic cones – these will mark the areana

What to do

  • Aim of the game – last pair with their egg intact wins
  • Split your whole group up into pairs – same sex partners and one needs to piggy back the other
  • Set an area for the game to take place so that contestants can’t just run anywhere.
  • The person on the bottom with receive an egg and you will need to glad wrap the egg to their head (on top but near the front) –Go round their head once before putting the egg on their head so they don’t get any of it on them. Go round multiple times to ensure when the egg breaks it is contained and you will have no mess or clean up.
  • Use the leaders to pass out the eggs and glad wrap the egg onto the persons head. If you don’t this the game will take too long to set up.
  • The person being piggy backed gets a thong.
  • Once everyone is set, tell them to ready up. Countdown, get the tunes pumping and let the mayhem commence.
  • Pairs will run or most likely walk around and the person with the thong will attempt to slap anyone with an egg.
  • Last egg standing wins.
  • Have a bin handy so that eggs and glad wrap can immediately go in the bin.

MC Tips

  • As the contestants get less decrease the playing area. Have leaders move the cones in so as to speed up the game (no one likes a game that drags)
  • MCs bring the energy – you set the tempo, so be loud, support the under dog and get people to gang up on the big guys.
  • Eliminate people who are being too rough(maybe state this as a rule before the game begins). We love the intensity but hate the incident report forms and phone calls from parents so make sure to eliminate any pairs that are deploying tactics from the UFC.
  • For the eliminated pairs encourage them to cheer for the remaining pairs. Great tip is to have a small prize for the people who are cheering the most.
  • A golden egg is a great trophy/prize for the game.