Real Life Mario Kart

Overview  We’re bringing the classic game to life! Everyone has always wished that Mario Kart was real and that they could put their skills to the test in real life…well now they can! This is Mario Kart at full scale! Get your teenagers smashing it round a track and see who truly is the best … Read more

Traits of a Great Team Member

We spend a lot of time speaking and thinking about our own spiritual growth. But are we putting in the practical steps to outwork our character as team members/leaders? We can pray all that we want for God to impart to us the fruit of the Spirit, but there is a requirement for us to put our faith into action and … Read more

Editable Games Scoreboard

Tribal Wars probably feature at just about every youth camp and at some in one term of the year. They really cause our young people to get fired up, excited and creative. Team come up with some very interesting chants, you get some amazing flag designs, you see colour everywhere and you often get some … Read more