Tower Of Babel

Overview This game will get everyone in your Youth Group involved and create real excitement amongst your young guys and girls. This game is a challenge that will get them thinking and bring out the competitive side fo everyone playing. What you need 2 Milk crates Rope (enough to suspend crates from the ceiling) Cardboard … Read more

Creating a Rep!

I recently overhead a conversation between two people who were talking about reputation and how it doesn’t matter, it got me thinking, because reputation involves what others think of you, I could kind of see why they were so strong on the fact that it didn’t matter so much what others thought. Quite quickly I … Read more

Egg Slap

  Overview A group game that is absolute mayhem involving thongs, eggs and glad wrap and will set your whole night up with a group of young guys just excited for what’s ahead. Perfect lead into praise cause they will be pumped. What you need Eggs(raw) – enough for 1 egg for 2 people Glad … Read more

Doughnut Wall

    Everyone loves food but what’s the point of have amazing food unless its presented in an equally amazing way. So we present the doughnut wall. A Simple and yet very creative way to present doughnuts or another food of your choice at your next Youth event, leaders gathering or even church event. How … Read more

Cone Head

  Overview As the name suggests it is of course all about… ice cream! (sometimes affectionately know as “Cone Head” but use that name at your own discretion). This is a messy game but what good game isn’t? Students will love it because they get to eat ice cream and witness the most awful looking … Read more