Speed Pop

Speed Pop is a simple and cheap game that can be organised within no time at all. Whether from stage or in the middle of tribes/teams it is easy to get the crowd behind this one. The basic setup is to attach a number of balloons to a string and attach pins to the top of a … Read more

22 Keys to successful confrontation

In leadership many people will shy away from confrontation in fear of dog fights, however, as a leader of leaders, if you neglect to bring healthy correction to the people you lead you will not see the growth you want to see. Here are 22 keys to help produce healthy & successful outcomes when bringing … Read more

Wild At Heart – Backing track // Youth Alive Vic

Youth Alive Victoria released their new single, Wild At Heart! We would love to hook you guys up with a free backing track for your live praise sets on Friday nights. ENJOY! You can grab the backing track right here: Wild at Heart Click Track And be sure to download the single https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/wild-at-heart

Substance below the surface

As someone who has been involved in youth ministry as a volunteer and pastor for 18 years, my observation is that youth leaders and youth pastors are REALLY good at focusing on the DOING aspects of ministry. Youth ministries are generally pretty good at engaging young people, connecting with young people and getting young people … Read more

Care Cards

Thanks to our friends from New Spring Church, South Carolina, we have a set of topical cards to help equip you and your leaders to best guide your young people on their journey towards Jesus. Though we need to remember we are not professional psychologists or councillors, as leaders we play a vital role in demonstrating what … Read more

3 Ways you can leave a legacy

I don’t know if i’m the only one out there but I am convinced that running a youth ministry feels like your life is constantly run on fast-forward! The pace is nuts, the young people are crazy, awesome – but crazy and the planning can feel relentless. Don’t get me wrong, I flipping love it! … Read more