3 Thoughts for Spiritual Rest

As leaders, rest is integral. And not just having a relaxed night in or going to bed early, but spiritual soul replenishing rest. Being able to rest, and resting well, allow you as a leader to be spiritually refreshed, motivated and allows you to outlive your capacity every Youth night. It is a spiritual discipline … Read more

The Ruined Life – Message Series

Our good friend Ps. Chris Astrada has provided this amazing resource, The Ruined Life message series! Chris has served as a missionary to Sri Lanka, a youth pastor and now works as the Director of the Youth Major at Christ For The Nations Institute & Youth For The Nations. After a church or ministry has a powerful & … Read more

Possession vs Ownership

Something that comes across as off-putting in ministry leadership is when a figurehead in youth ministry uses the wrong type of language to describe the mantle they carry. If you want to inspire a team to reach further, dream bigger & serve harder then it is important to understand the value of proclaiming all statements … Read more

The Drive with Ben Higgins

Ps. Ben & Emily Higgins are incredible leaders serving at Life Church based on the south side of Brisbane. Overseeing youth, young adults and creative ministries at Life Church, Ben has a depth of wisdom that comes from his wide-ranging experience. Our team had the privilege of catching up with Ben earlier this year to chat … Read more

Barrel Furniture

As youth pastors we are always looking for cool ways to add to the vibe at our youth nights. Here is one idea that is cheap, easy and really effective! This table and chair set was made by the One Youth Victoria crew.   To make the chairs you draw and cut the desired shape … Read more

11 keys for effective worship leading

Leading our youth into praise and worship is such an important part of what we do. When we come together as a body and lift up His name it makes room for incredible breakthrough. There is always more to discover in worship and also about worship. Which is why worship courses like the one run … Read more

Hoop Canyon

Hoop Canyon is another classic that can be modified multiple ways to best fit your crew as well as your venue. Overall, the concept is simple. Hang one giant hoop from the roof, have a few people from each team fight over beach balls in the centre of the arena and pass them to their … Read more

Youth Alive EP – We The People (Chord Charts)

To celebrate the launch of the Youth Alive Ep – We The People, we’re hooking you up with all the chord charts so you can do these songs in your youth ministries. Have It All Sheet Music More of You Sheet-Music We the People (E) Sheet Music We the People (G) Sheet Music

Speed Pop

Speed Pop is a simple and cheap game that can be organised within no time at all. Whether from stage or in the middle of tribes/teams it is easy to get the crowd behind this one. The basic setup is to attach a number of balloons to a string and attach pins to the top of a … Read more

22 Keys to successful confrontation

In leadership many people will shy away from confrontation in fear of dog fights, however, as a leader of leaders, if you neglect to bring healthy correction to the people you lead you will not see the growth you want to see. Here are 22 keys to help produce healthy & successful outcomes when bringing … Read more