Four Way Tug of War

Everyone knows the classic game of Tug of War but… we also know as youth ministries we need to be thinking on our feet and creating and updating classic games! This a great idea, turning a classic game into something new and fun!! Four way tug of war!!   Check out this clip!  TUG OF … Read more

Milk Crate Race

Milk crate race is an awesome game that we came across through a youth ministry up on the Gold Coast. This game is low cost, can be hyped up and be used with small or large groups of people. It also acts as a great game for high school programs. WHAT DO YOU NEED? Milk … Read more

Egg Face

This classic game is full of suspense and gets the audience on the edge of their seat! With barely any setup or preparation needed, this is great for a pre-service stage game, last minute filler (we have all been there…) or a connect group activity. WHAT DO YOU NEED? Rubber Tube Eggs Funnel Two contestants … Read more