One of the best secret weapons you can have during your journey in ministry is ministry mentors.

These are the people who have gone before you and can speak directly into the things you are currently doing. The more time you can get with these people the more effective you are equipped to be.
Often Youth Pastors repeat the mistakes of the people who have gone before them because they are too prideful to ask questions or to ask for help.
Even when you feel like you have things under control don’t neglect the power of asking for help.
One can put 1000 to flight but two can put 10,000 to flight.

3. levels of people you can glean from:

1. Ministry Brothers
Look at what other pastors are doing in your state or nation. Identify things in other ministries that you can glean from to improve your own ministry. Be humble enough to ask these ministry peers how they have achieved the success they have.
Brothers are great for help in programming, admin & cultural ideas.
2. Ministry Fathers
Ministry fathers are people who are a few steps ahead of you on their journey. You can have multiple ministry fathers speaking into your life.
These people can help guide you through times when you feel out of your depth. These are the people you can call at the drop of a hat and “bounce” ideas off of them.
Ministry fathers aren’t “yes” men. They will tell you what you need to hear and that might not always be what you want to hear. Remain humble enough to act on the feedback they give you.
Ministry Fathers are great for helping you navigate through leadership challenges you experience.
3. Ministry Veterans
Ministry Veterans are the people who are nearing the end of their ministry journey. They are the heroes of our faith who have a lifetime of experience in ministry. If you are lucky enough to have access to a Ministry Veteran don’t take it for granted! Ask them as many questions as they will let you. Ask them questions about your personal development. Do what they tell you. Give them the respect they deserve and remember that familiarity breeds contempt.
If you’re not lucky enough to have access to a Ministry Veteran in person that doesn’t mean they can’t speak into your life. Find Ministry Veterans that you relate to and listen to their podcasts. Read their books. Learn from their successes and learn from their mistakes.