Our good friend Ps. Chris Astrada has provided this amazing resource, The Ruined Life message series! Chris has served as a missionary to Sri Lanka, a youth pastor and now works as the Director of the Youth Major at Christ For The Nations Institute & Youth For The Nations.

After a church or ministry has a powerful & fresh encounter with God, leaders are many times confused on what the next steps are and never capitalise on what’s God has done for them and what He is wanting to do through them. They find themselves asking, “How do I capitalise on the spiritual momentum our ministry is experiencing. This series is built to help you sustain the hunger & momentum inside of your people and release them to take spiritual responsibility of their sphere of influence.

This series includes notes for 5 messages to minister immediately after your group has had a strong move of God:

  1. A New Normal – This message is going to solidify what has taken place in their hearts and encourage them to feed on things that will continue to grow & strengthen them
  2. A Dangerous Life – It’s crucial to not go back to who we were before we encounter God in such a powerful way. He’s asking us to follow him and to start sharing what happened inside of us with everyone around us.
  3. A Super-Natural Life Part 1 & 2 – This is two part series designed to equip your people to walk in supernatural power and then be released to go on an outreach (Treasure Hunt) to the community around them to demonstrate Jesus’s love & power. Your people will also be given the goal to get at least one person to the next message so they too can have the opportunity to meet Jesus.
  4. You Got The Wrong One – This is an easily illustrated message aimed at leading people to Jesus. Your people will have invited friends, family, neighbours, even people they met on their treasure hunt outreach to be in attendance as this message is given.

Also included:

  • 5 video illustrations from Pastor Chris Estrada helping you minister in all of The Ruined Life series messages
  • The Treasure Map
  • Media Package complete with title and sermon slides

Click the link to get your hands on this incredible resource: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iwqvxb28bavvdtw/AAApvDj-s2s1nhnSMHceFT2ia?dl=0