Here are 5 keys that can help to increase the income of your youth ministry, which in turn allows you to put more resource into getting more teenagers saved!

1. Charge a door entry
A lot of youth ministries with no budget charge a weekly door entry upwards of $2 (there are some that charge $5). It is important to consider the demographic of the community your ministry is located in and this will provide you with an understanding of an appropriate cost. Keep in mind that $2 for a weekly door entry is generally affordable regardless of where your youth ministry is located

If we calculate the cost, a youth ministry of 50 teenagers might have approximately 40 of them paying regularly. There will often be some that are unaccounted for, but this is reasonable, along with keeping in mind, that new people who attend will be unaware of the cost. Therefore, 40×2 = $80 each week.

Consider this, $80 per week, multiplied by approximately 40 weeks each year, dependent on the structure of your program, provides you with an added $3200 into your yearly budget.

If you have 80 in your youth ministry you’ve just added $6400.

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable charging a door entry every week, how about once a term?
Your consideration might be “our youth ministry will do one night a term where we charge $5”. This has the potential to provide an income close to $1000 in the one night.

2. Run a Kiosk
A kiosk/cafe can easily provide an income of $50+ profit after expenses per week in a youth ministry of 50-100. In a larger youth ministry, you can make $500+ per week.

Here’s a list of things you could sell in your kiosk.
1.Cans of drink
2. Lollies: Sour Straps, Clouds, Sour snakes etc.
3. Chocolate bars
4. Packets of chips

And if you really want to step it up:

5. Hot Chips
6. Burgers
7. Hotdogs
8. Hot Chocolates
9. Milkshakes

3. Take up an offering
I’m sure most of us are already doing this but if you’re not, have a think about doing so. It gives the teens and your leaders the opportunity to personally invest into what they believe in. Note: Encourage your teens to tithe to the church, not the youth ministry. Offerings given in a youth ministry setting should be in addition to biblical tithing.

4. Quarterly Fundraiser
– Pay too much for a sausage (sausage sizzle after church)
– Hire a youth Leader (Hire out youth leaders to do different tasks like mow lawns or clean gutters)
– Saturday Morning BBQ at your local hardware store
– Traffic light tin rattles (Check with your local council to obtain a permit first)

5. Government Grants
Sometimes the Government will run grants for different things. Keep your ear to the ground and where possible develop networks with your local council. Some Youth Ministries currently staff their administrative duties for their youth ministry to school based trainees who are employed one day per week by the government. On completion, they attain a Community Services Certificate at the end of a one-year contract. This bears no expense for the church resulting in the opportunity to staff for your department at no cost!