Marketing can go a long way in selling the idea to teens that your Youth Ministry is the best place for them to be on a Friday night. Good marketing can sometimes be the thing that gets a teenager over the line in attending your program, and when they attend they’re at the best place to hear a gospel message that will change their life.

Here are a few things to help lift the standard of the marketing in your ministry.
Also stay tuned for part 2 of this post in the coming months.


Unsplash is a website/blog which contains hundreds of high resolution royalty free images which you can use for your youth ministry’s graphic design. The best thing about this site is that it’s all free and you don’t need to create an account to access the images.
Freepik has free hi-res Vector files, psd templates, & stock photos. This website is great when you or your team need to whip up a graphic promo for a youth night on a tight timeframe. We highly recommend checking out the “Psd text effects” section for lifting the quality of your graphic promos.
Graphicriver is a stock graphic website where you can buy cheap graphic design templates for photoshop. This saves a lot of time and money.

Note: Some basic photoshop skills required
*Be careful with what you search on this site as it is not a christian website.
Videohive is a stock video website that you can use for after effect templates. The site charges between $5 – $50 for a video template that you can input and modify text and add some of your own footage and presto! You have an epic video.
Being in ministry, no doubt we all agree that time is valuable. Instead of you or one of your team spending days trying to produce a good video or worse, paying a professional $500+ to do it; using templates is definitely a efficient and effective option.

Note: Some very basic after effects experience needed.
*Be careful with what you search as this is not a Christian website.
Revostock is an alternative to videohive and again sells video templates.
Note: Some basic after effects experience needed.
*Be careful with what you search as this is not a Christian website.
So you got excited when you read that you can buy video templates for cheap, but then you remembered that you don’t have any after effects experience? Well then Videocopilot is for you! This site is full of free after effects tutorials to teach you how to use the aftereffects program. Once you’ve done the first few tutorials you should have the skills you need to work on the above templates.
“Free Sound” is a royalty free sound bite website where you can get different sound effects for your videos. All sounds on this website are free!