Have you ever wondered what your Senior pastor is thinking? Have you ever thought about how you can better serve the vision they have for your church? Sometimes it can be hard to outwork said vision without clear articulation on what they expect in regards to the youth ministry. Even though different churches have different expectations for their Youth Pastors, there are still a number of ways we can ALL serve our senior pastor. We’ve surveyed 3 Senior Pastors from significant churches around Australia to hear what their thoughts are and to help give some insight into the mind of a senior pastor.

How do you measure the success of the youth ministry at your church?
This is seen in the consistent attendance of youth throughout adolescent years. These discipled teenagers go on to being young adults or return as youth leaders; Both are evidence of discipleship. Additionally, the youth program does not exist for its own merit but to build the culture of the main church. Therefore, discipleship is the process by which they progress from attending youth only, to becoming a part of the life of the church.
The Youth Ministry’s discipleship of young people, it’s ability to raise leaders along with it’s outreach to the local schools and community
This will be reflected both in the growth of the people and the programme as a whole
By the number attending, the amount of salvations and the training of new leaders

What personal and leadership traits do you value in a Youth Pastor?
– Teachability/humility
– Prayerful lifestyle
– Character (i.e. integrity)
– Gifted in teaching/preaching
– Organisation skills
– Evangelistic (heart for souls)
– Relational
– Creative
– Servant heart
A willingness to learn and embrace new ideas
A willingness to embrace all of the values of the church
A willingness to be corrected and challenged
Being driven and having initiative… Having a vision for the whole church in comparison to an exclusive focus on the youth group.

What is the purpose of your church youth ministry?
To disciple & care for high school students equipping them to live out the call of God on their lives and make Godly choices.
To inspire and equip young people to follow Jesus and to develop leaders out of them
To see souls saved, and kids discipled so when they come into adulthood they choose to live for the Kingdom of God

What things could your Youth Pastor do to serve you and your church better?
Keep doing what they’re doing. Follow up new people in a timely manner, disciple young people, raise leaders, run creative, fun & Holy Ghost nights.
Bring new ideas
Follow through on goals and commitments
Always being aware the youth team is there to serve the larger vision of the church

When giving correction to your Youth Pastor what would be the ideal response?
A teachable attitude is an ideal response, along with an ability to converse honestly and openly. Secondly, a response that shows initiative and evidence of change.
Transparency on issues he or she may not understand
A willingness to change and learn once they do understand
To take it on the chin and endeavour to right the wrong but also a little pushback so I know they are listening not just hearing…I like submission rather than obedience

What are three things that your Youth Pastor can do to help you, that they are not currently doing?
1. Increase teenage attendance on Sunday.
2. Being better at caring for youth on Sunday (the youth pastors focus should be on connecting & caring for young people that attend services, if they are not, the youth are leaving without any care and connection)
3. Increase the level of communication (i.e. communicate pastoral / leadership challenges. This assists with the Senior Leaderships ability to care)
Once again I’m very happy with my current youth pastor…maybe finish Bible College…they are so busy doing the work of ministry that sometimes they need to invest more into their future…