If the auditorium you host your youth ministry in is too big for the amount of teenagers you have attending your youth ministry then you should do two things.
1. Pray that God will give you the ideas and opportunities to reach more teens so that you can fill that auditorium

2. Build a high tension curtain.
By running a high tension curtain through a section of your auditorium you can create a tighter environment and better atmosphere for your program. These curtains can cost a few hundred dollars in supplies but are totally worth the investment.

You’ll need to buy the following things:
Steel Wire
It will need to be long enough to span the area you want to section off. This can be bought on a roll from a hardware store.

Black Material
Buy enough to span the distance of the wire. Don’t forget to take into account how high you want the curtain to be. Some sowing might be required for this. (the material pictured below is just the cheapest stuff available)

Ratchet Strap
This will be used to put the tension on the curtain

Zip Ties / or someone with a big sowing machine
You can either get someone to sow the curtain to the wire or just zip tie the curtain every 10cm’s to the wire.

x2 Anchor bolts
Buy some bolts to put in your wall (the ones that have a hook in them). This is so you can hang your curtain off them. This step can be avoided if you have something like a balcony that you can connect the curtain to.

x2 Wire Rope Grips
These are used to crimp the wire over on its self to create a loop at each end of the wire. You will need to have a loop at each end of the wire so that you can connect the wire to the ratchet strap.

x2 Carabiners
Use these to connect the wire to the ratchet strap and the hooks in the wall.