This is a basic overview of a skate workshop program that you could approach your local high school with. This program works extremely well in conjunction with a Skate Comp Outreach Night. Keep in mind, to run this program effectively you will need to buy or build some portable ramps as well as organise adequate public liability insurance.

Running a program in your local high school is a great way to have a presence in your community and helps connect teens into your youth ministry. You are welcome to use this program in any of your high schools for free. To read more about this program download the pdf at the bottom of the page.

What does it look like?
EDUSkate is a program designed specifically for students who are dis-engaged from their schoolwork or who are experiencing a difficult home life. It’s a program where students can connect with mentors and other students whilst also enjoying a fantastic sport.

The EDUSkate program can be run using two approaches. Once a week during a term for a group of students during class time, in a suitable outside area. Alternately it can be run for one whole day with students during class time. The program can be run for any year level- as it is flexible to adjust to the age group that is in need. Students enjoy attending the EDUSkate Program because of the challenging Skate activities that it incorporates. We suggest setting up a portable mini skate park on a sealed surface at the school in order to run these workshops. The skate park will need to come with its own public liability and should be monitored heavily by the EDUSkate Team to ensure the safety of any teenager who wants to participate. These activities help create an environment where students can listen to a mentor share about a topic. The second part of the program involves a team member facilitating a 20-minute discussion, intentionally comparing the parallels of life and skate boarding (e.g. you may fall down, but you can get back up). The students are encouraged to share any thoughts they have on the topic, as well as ask any questions they may have for the mentor.