The aim of this game is to shoot out your opponent candle before they get yours

What you need

  • 2x helmets
  • 2x candles
  • 2x water pistols
  • gaffa tape
  • water

What to do 

Setup – there is very little setup, you just need to affix each helmet with a candle. Securely tape the candle onto the helmet.

The game

  • Each contestant will be given a helmet with a candle affixed to it and a loaded water pistol.
  • Get them to stand in the middle together, back to back.
  • Then count out the their steps as though they are about to face off in a duel. (number of steps depends on your space and the strength of the water pistols.)
  • On the command of “DRAW” they will draw their weapon (water pistol) and take aim and fire.
  • The first one to put out their opponents candle wins.

MC Tips

  • MCing is very important with this game as it can turn it into something dramatic, suspenseful and fun or it can lead to an absolute flop.
  • Get the crowd to get behind the contestants
  • Don’t allow there to be long moments of silence
  • Have music that creates an exciting atmosphere