Planning in advance is important! Below you will find a term planning spreadsheet. You will find this is pretty straight forward process. It is beneficial to help you visualise the structure of your term when planning, especially with a team of leaders prior to commencing each term. You can than take this data and & make it look graphically engaging in reaching your teenagers. See our “Free term card designs” post for how you can do this.

Things to note:

– An effective way to organise the structure of your Term is running a program on a fortnightly connect group model. Connect groups can be called various things such as “Hangtime” nights, but you might call them cell groups, small groups or connect groups. Change this template up to suit your model.

– It isn’t necessary to apply a cost to every night, but an event that is advertised with an entry fee once or twice a term is a strategic method of resourcing your budget & covering additional costs.

– It is important to name each night for marketing purposes. For example: A youth Ministry in the south east of Victoria titles their regular outreach nights as “WE ARE ONE”. With a specific focus incorporating the name of their Youth Ministry, teenagers know what to expect on certain nights.

– At the bottom of this template you will note, leaders meetings are identified in order to inform the leadership team of these important dates. Leaders should also receive a calendar at the start of each year with an outline of leaders meetings and significant dates providing them with the opportunity to be organised and plan ahead. Additionally having the dates on the term plan is a helpful reminder.

Have fun planning!