Human Baking, the most outrageous game with endless possibilities. This game is not for those who like to keep it clean but it is perfect for outdoors or with heaps of tarps. When you mix teenagers and stacks of food you get absolute carnage.

What you need

  • Food! – decide what human based creation you are doing and buy all the ingredient. Example is cake (Flour, eggs, sugar, milk, butter, icing, cocoa powder, cream)
  • Table
  • Tarps (100% needed indoors, outdoors could still help if you need to keep the ground cleanish)
  • Mini Challenges
  • Towels

What to do 

Aim of the game is for the team to finish their Human Cooking creation first. They need to get all the ingredients involved in the creation and cover their human first!


  • Place out a table for every team you have playing – 2 teams is probably easiest depending on your group size.
  • Lay down a large tarp under each table if you plan on playing inside or need to keep the area clean.
  • Make sure you have one of each ingredient for both teams (large portions are needed to make this game fun) and either hide them or set them up at a station where the teams must complete a challenge to receive the ingredient or just place them 100m away and make them run for the ingredients.

The game!

  • Once you have your teams ready get them to select one person to be the human sacrifice and get them to lay down on that teams table. This person will get extremely messy as all the food will be dumped on them.
  • Once that person has been selected, it is time to get the game cranking. Here you have 3 options, or you may be able to come up with something else yourself.
    • 1. Send the teams out to locate hidden ingredients, marked with the colour of their team.
    • 2. Send the teams to complete a small challenge to collect an ingredient
    • 3. Make the teams run, one contestant at a time to get an ingredient that is approx. 100m away or whatever you decide.
  • This all depends on what length of game you are after.
  • When the teams return with an ingredient get them to completely cover the team member on the table with it.
  • The game is over when every ingredient has been dumped on the team member on the table. First team to complete their Human Cooking creation wins.
  • The game is super simple but the insane amount of mess will have teenagers raging about this game for months to come and there are bound to be some great memories made.


  • You can make the aim of the game to complete the challenge within a certain time limit and give points for the presentation of the Human Cooking creation.
  • Other Human cooking ideas are;
    • Pizza
    • Sushi
    • Burrito
    • Salad
    • Fruit Salad