Connect groups are a great way to be able to personally disciple the teens within your youth ministry. Here are 5 tips to help run a great connect group.

1. Atmosphere
Spend time on creating an atmosphere where teens feel comfortable. This can be achieved by doing some “set up” in your room (See our set up category for some ideas). Another way to help create a great atmosphere is by having some cool background music. Have it running right through your connect group time. It doesn’t need to be loud, having music helps to fill in the silence in those awkward moments. Spend time making an appropriate play list to build the mood you want.

2. Food
Food breaks down barriers in ways that nothing else can. Everyone can connect over food. Go by some sweets, chips and soda and rock them out during your connect group.

3. Be prepared
Teenagers can tell when you wing it. Spend time reading over the study you are going to run your teens through. Think of your own personal stories and testimonies you can share to help nail home the points in the study. Think about how you can help foster conversation about the study and then spend time praying over your upcoming connect group.

4. Have fun
Not everything needs to be spiritual, make sure you have fun in your connect group. Allow time for teens to hang out and kick back. You want to leave your teens longing for more at the end of your connect group gathering so that they want to come back again next week. One of the best ways to do this is by making it fun.

5. Leadership is not one day a week commitment
Don’t expect to be able to go into the deep issues of a teenagers life if you never spend time getting into their world outside of your program. Teenagers don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care. Call your teens during the week. Ask how they are going and spend time getting in their world so that you can have a greater level of influence in their lives!