Right now during covid-19 where Youth Min looks different and a number of us are still doing youth online, we have some tips for you as a youth leader to help your youth pastor out!

  1. Communicate 

You’re not seeing them every week, so keep in contact. Call them or answer their calls, send them a text if you’re not doing so well or need to update them about something in your world. Also let them know if you can’t make it to a meeting (even if it’s a zoom one) in advance.

  1. Be on time

You might not have to be at any meetings physically, but we’re sure you would have regular Zoom Meetings. So be on time to these, don’t be the last person to log on or who everyone is waiting for. For church and youth streaming, jump online early so your teens and other leaders see! Set an example for others watching that you still make an effort to be at church and youth, even though it’s online. 

  1. Be vocal

You might not be a person who usually comments on social media, but now is your time! Say hi to your teens and friends on the live streams and encourage the preacher. This sends a message that you are watching the services and engaging in them as well. And shows that you didn’t sleep in!

  1. Contact your teens

Although this is a given and everyone has extra time at the moment, let’s commit to discipling and looking after the teens that have been entrusted to us. Let’s commit to caring for them and talking to them each week. 

  1. Speak positively

Even though all services are online and you aren’t interacting with everyone you would usually, negatively can still spread. So as a youth leader decide to be positive during this time, don’t publicise if you thought worship sounded bad or didn’t like the game. Speak positively so you can influence those around you to speak positively as well. 

  1. Ask them if they need help

Let’s be honest we all have more time than usual, even with restrictions easing, life is still not back to the way it was. So with that free time, why don’t you ask your youth pastor what you can help them with. Maybe they’ll get you to call some teens, think of some online content or help run a meeting. Whatever it is, it’s a big help to your youth pastor and they would appreciate the support!

  1. Pray!

Pray for your youth ministry and the teens who are a part of your youth family. Pray for your youth pastor & your Senior Pastors to have strength and wisdom during this time. Prayer is powerful and everyone needs it at the moment!