When Summer is here all you want to do is stay cool. Well there is no better way than in a pool.

VIP pools is simply this, set up some big inflatable pools, fill them will water and let your youth just hang out in them. Just the picture of young people kicking back in a pool with soft drink in hand and relaxing is bound to draw people in the summer time.

All you need is one or more big blow up pools and lots of water. You can get yourself a 10ft pool from Big W for just $49. Set them up and tell your young guys to bring clothes to get wet and a towel, and you are sorted.

You can get super creative with this idea including, using it to raise money for Youth or a mission by putting different price points on the pools. For example the $10 pool inc. is a free drink and chocolate, the the $5 pool inc. is different coloured water and a free drink, the $1 has just cold water. You could make each pool a hangtime, connect group exclusive pool and get the leaders of the group to decide how to deck out. You could theme each pool, with a different game or thing to do. The possibilities are endless and this will create a hangtime and night that your Youth Group will be talking about for months to come.